July 2014

July was a good month. Not my best this year, just because we had some bad news and also the heat is really tough with my little one. I hate to go anywhere and then put her in the hot car. Luckily by the end of July we got some really nice weather and going out was much more fun.

Here are the highlights of this month:

  • Zoe’s first 4th of July and first time in a baby pool


  • Zoe meet my BFF for the very first time and it was such a special moment. My BFF moved to Kenya 4 years ago and they are finally back. Zoe’s middle name is after my BFF and I love seeing them together, melts my heart!!


  • My birthday! My husband took off from work that day, so we could enjoy a 4 day weekend. LOVED having him home, all I wanted was a relaxing family day. Our A/C broke the night before, so it was super hot and we waited for the repair guy. Zoe was super fussy that day, so not so much relaxing as I wanted, but we still made the best out of it!
  • I found out my father has ALS. I’m not very close to him, but it still worried me. ALS is non-curable and affects walk-, speech- and swallow muscles, most people die within 3-5 years after being diagnosed.
  • On a happier note… my baby turned 4 months
  • The German soccer Team won the World Cup!!


  • We got visit from my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their cute almost 1 year old daughter.

Brothers and their daughters

  • We went to a local farm playground
Zoe's first bull ride

Zoe’s first bull ride

  • We applied for a passport for Zoe. No immediate travel plans, but you never know when you might need it. She has the best passport picture ever! Can you believe this was taken with the very first shot?


  • My grandmother turned 92 this month. She is amazing, she still lives on her own and takes care of herself. The best part was we were able to Skype together and she saw Zoe for the first time “live”. Soo cute!!

How am I doing with my 2014 goals?

  • Running:

    • go on nice walks with my girl and start running when the doctor gives us the green light – CHECK!
      • I started walking and by the end of April I also ran a couple of miles.
        April Total miles: 25.5 (miles walked: 19.5 – miles ran: 6)
      • May: Total miles: 42 (miles walked: 7.5 – miles ran: 34.5)
      • June: Total miles: 39.75  miles
      • July: Total miles: 31 miles
    • get a gym membership with daycare – CHECK!
      • We signed up end of April, when Zoe was 6 weeks old. She was allowed to go to day care and I was cleared by my doc, since then we go about 3 times per week to the gym.
      • classes taken at YMCA this month:
        • none this month :(
    • run a few local races (5k, 10ks, …) and a fall half marathon
      • planned races: local 5k in September and half marathon in December
        Training for the September race started July 28, so far I got all planned training runs in.


  • Family:
    • Quality time with my husband:
      – We were not on a real date this month, but we made an effort to spend some quality time.
      – movie nights: Brick Mansions (my ranking: 3 out of 5 stars). I haven’t seen a really good movie in a while. Any recommendations?
    • Breast feeding at least for the first 6 months: ON TRACK
      We made it 4.5 months now. Actually, I will update this goal. My new goal is to keep breastfeeding until she either weans herself off or we successfully transitioned to milk (after 1st birthday). Ideally she will never need formula.
    • find a mommy/play group: CHECK!
      This is going great! I joined 2 mom groups and I’m loving it.
      - One is organized by a lactation specialist from the hospital and is for all local breast feeding moms. We are meeting every Tuesday morning. Great group and great support for breast feeding moms. So important to have this support, especially in the beginning.
      - The other group is a local group called “2013/2014 babies”. We meet locally for walks and lunches or any other fun activities. Everybody can suggest meetings. It’s very low key and stress free. Love it! This month we met for play dates at a mom’s house and at the Children Museum. We also met for “lunch” at frozen yogurt and a coffee date.
    • start baby swimming:
      found a free class and we are registered to start next week August 6.
    • learn to cook:
      I do prepare dinner everyday, but this month I haven’t tried anything new, just the usual basics.
    • creating a budget and stay on it (we have to adjust from 2 incomes to one):
      so far we are doing good and stay within our limits


How did July turn out for you? What was your best moment this month?

Let’s start planning

Now that I am a stay at home mom, I thought it would be easy to get a workout in several times a week. I’m lucky to have a gym with daycare, so I just go there, drop off Zoe and I get my workout in and even a shower! Sounds easy, right?

BUT what I didn’t expect is that I would be so busy with meeting other moms and organizing play dates! And I love that, too!

Pick-nick in the park with mommy friends

Pick-nick in the park with mommy friends

I love that I met so many cool moms since Zoe was born. For the first time in years I feel like I have a social life again! Last week I went twice to town and each time I ran into a mom from my mommy group, it was an amazing feeling! Since I moved to the US I never ran into somebody and finally doing so, made me feel like this is home!

So, what is the problem you ask? Well, I need to find a way to make both work – working out and having fun with other moms.

I think a good way to do so, would be to make a plan for the upcoming week. I’m an engineer and I love lists and I love checking off accomplished tasks and goals. So, here it goes:


Monday July 28

  • gym (after Zoe’s morning feeding) – run 3 miles and strength

Tuesday July 29

  • Breastfeeding Support group and lunch at frozen yogurt with moms

Wednesday July 30

  • Story time at the library (15 min)
  • gym afterwards – run 5×400’s

Thursday July 31

  • gym (after Zoe’s morning feeding) – run 3 miles
  • Lunch with mommie group

Friday August 1

  • gym (after Zoe’s morning feeding) – run 3 miles and strength


  • long run: 5 miles

Sunday: Fun with family and friends


Actually, I had the goal of racing a 5k in September and the training plan would start tomorrow (Monday July 28). But I have to be realistic. My family from Germany is visiting us for 3 weeks during this time and my highest priority is to spend time with them. I can always run a race, but they only visit me every few years. So, I will try my best to stick to the training, but as always family comes first!

Let’s focus on this week first. It’s an ambitious plan, but I think very doable. Let’s do this!!


Marvelous In My Monday #MIMM

Sorry I have been a little MIA last week. My brother in law, his wife and almost 1 year old daughter came to visit us. We had such a good time! I thought I would tell you all about it while linking up with Katie’s Marvelous in My Monday.

MiMM - logo

Marvelous is…

  • family from NYC visiting us for a few days
  • seeing my husband with his brother and their girls. Big changes the last year!


  • our girls meeting for the first time. The last time we have seen each other, my sister in law was pregnant and actually I was, too, but didn’t know at that point.
  • going to the Children’s museum together. Our girls had a great time, even though Zoe is a little too small for the toys, but she loves to people watch and was tired when we came home.
  • checking out a local farm, which has a great farmer’s market, berry picking, but also amazing playground for kids. Zoe had a little melt down (not sure why) but she still had fun riding the “bull”.


Zoe's first bull ride

Zoe’s first bull ride

  • dancing with your cousin to Jason Mraz “I’m Yours”


Do you have any family visits coming up?
What is marvelous in your life right now?



Zoe – 4 Months

The last month was super fun and it is amazing to see how quickly Zoe grows up and how much she learns every month!! She still LOVES to observe people, she is the happiest baby when she sits on my lap and can watch her surroundings, no toys needed to entertain this young lady.

The mornings are the best, when I go in her room to get her, she has the biggest smile EVER and it just melts my heart. She loves to smile and is a very happy baby!


  • Weight and Height:
    • at 3 months: 12 lbs and 6 oz
    • at 3.5 months: 12 lbs and 13 oz
    • at 4 months:
      • weight: 13 lbs and 8oz (50%)
      • height: 24.2 inches (55-60%)- pediatrician said, she will be a tall girl :)
      • head: 40cm (25%)

2 weeks to 4mo

  • Diaper size: Costco’s size 1-2 diapers (8-15lbs) and Huggies plus dry (size 2) at night
  • Clothe size: 0-3 month and 3 months


  • Sleep: On June 21 she slept from 7pm until 7am fr the first time!!
    • Bed night routine starts at 6:30ish, bath, breastfeeding (or bottle by her daddy, but lately she prefers breastfeeding) reading and then we put her in her crib by 7pm.
    • She wakes around 4/5 am but no longer needs to be fed, she just needs her pacifier and be swaddled again and then she falls asleep again until we finally get up around 7am.
    • During the day she has several 30-45 minute naps and one big one at lunch time. I feed her around noon-1pm and then put her in her crib and she sleeps until 3/4pm.
    • She falls asleep swaddled but will get her arms out while sleeping. This used to wake her up, but now she is getting better. Hopefully soon she can sleep with both arms out and we can switch to the sleeping sack. Her swaddle is getting too small.


  • Food:
    • Breastfeeding is going very well! We did it for 4 months now, my goal is to exclusively breastfeed until 6 months. So far my supply is keeping up with her demands and I enjoy breastfeeding.
    • 6 feedings in 24 hours: Since she skips her feeding at 4am now, I feed her in the morning every 2 hours to still feed her 6 times a day. I the afternoon I feed her closer to every 3 hours.
    • We are still trying to feed her once a day with the bottle, but she prefers the breast. She does take the bottle, it just takes a little longer for her to get started. She really needs to be hungry.
    • I attended a infant and toddler nutrition class and can’t wait to start with solids in 2 months.

2 mo to 4 mo

  • Health:
    • We started Gerber’s Colic Drops when she was 3 months, it’s basically probiotics. We stopped them about 2 weeks later and she is still the same. I don’t think they made a difference. Her pooping and her mood improved though, so I think it was just a “grumpy” phase.
    • her right eye is much better now, no more crustiness when she wakes up in the morning.
    • 4 month shots: I was nervous getting them, since she got a cold the day after she got her 2 months shots. Let’s hope this time it is better.
    • very healthy baby last month, no health issues at all.


  • Milestones:
    • she started to chew on plastic toys
    • we played in the baby pool for the first time
    • MUCH better on tummy time, it almost looks like she enjoys it.
    • she plays in the bumbo seat and also enjoys the jumperoo



  • Trouble makers:
    • Once she turned 3 months she got a little fussier than before. She is fussy right before she falls asleep and sometimes when she wakes up. It takes her a few minutes to fully wake up (just like her mommy)
    • She gives my husband a tough time with the bottle. He is super patient and she will take it eventually though.


  • Zoe likes
    • “talking” – while we drive in the car she is just mumbling along or in the morning while I have my coffee – so stinking cute!
    • watching the mobile or the ceiling fan
    • hugging little blankets
    • smiling
    • “watching” tv – she loves to sit on my lap and looks towards the tv. I think she likes the movement and colors.
    • chewing, sucking and eating her fingers
    • playing in her bumbo seat with toys


  • Zoe dislikes
    • waiting to be fed
    • shots at the doctor
    • cradle position – she wants to be held up right all the time now.
    • right now not a big fan of the bottle
    • driving in a hot car. Twice we had a longer trip planned and we had to pull over to calm her down. I don’t think she has a problem with driving, I think it is the hot car combined with being tired.


  • Baby essentials (aka things we could not live without this month):
    • Ergo Baby Carrier: right after she turned 3 months, she didn’t like the swing as much anymore and LOVED the Ergo carrier, she fell asleep in there and slept there for hours! I think she loves to be close to us and hear our heart beats.
    • fan for car: a must have in summer! It works really well and even if she gets her feet or fingers in, it is soft and will stop.
    • baby pool: I love that it also offers shade and you can not beat the price
    • bumbo seat: great way for her to sit up and play with toys and to experience her surroundings more.
    • Jumperoo: she starts to really enjoy this one. She jumps around and slowly start to play with the toys around.

wpid-427fcf47-6830-44d8-8dd2-1c61ae912bcf.jpgOur current daily routine:

  • We get up around 7am, change and feed her
  • In the morning she eats every 2 hours, later in the day closer to every 3 hours.
  • We have several 30-45min naps during the day, one being a big one around 1pm.  This one she sleeps in her crib for 2-3 hours.
  • Getting ready for bed starts at 6:30pm. We give her a bath, change her diaper, feeding and reading. We then put her down in her crib by 7pm. We still swaddle her at night.
  • A few days ago she stopped needing to be fed at 4 am. She still wakes up around 4/5am, but only needs her pacifier and be swaddled and then sleeps until 7am.


I can’t believe how fast she is growing up and we enjoy every single day. She is such an easy baby! We just bought a family membership at the children’s museum here in town and hope to go there frequently. She starts to be at an age where you can actually play with her. Love it!



Training Tuesday (week 27)

I have big goals for June, so in order to keep myself on track, I will start posting my weekly training.  I would like to attend 3 classes a week at the gym, but sometimes Zoe’s sleeping and feeding schedule doesn’t corporate. Her schedule is more important, so I will not change that. But in case we can not make it to a class, I will replace the class with online videos or DVD’s. So, no excuses!!


  • Running: 15 miles
  • Strength training: 1 hour
  • Yoga: 1 hour
  • Core: 30 min

And here is what I actually did this week: Well, let’s rather say the training that didn’t happen…


  • Strength training: 1 hour Boot camp – this was a killer workout!
    It was the first time I went and guess what?! I was the only one showing up besides the instructor. It was a good but tough workout, I was sore for days!



  • planned rest – weekly breast feeding/mommy group.



  • rest – doctor visit


  • 4th of July: visit friend’s for BBQ – Fun!!


  • Enjoying family time! Zoe’s first time in the baby pool!



  • We visited my BFF who is finally back from Kenya! It was Zoe’s first meeting with my BFF and what a special moment! Zoe’s middle name is after my BFF and they were in love right away!



Total miles run: 0 miles

Total minutes of cross training:

  • Strength training: 60 minutes
  • Yoga:  0 minutes
  • Core:  0 min

Summary: Going into this week I knew it will be tough. I didn’t stress about it and just took it easy. I was looking forward to a 4 day weekend with my husband and daughter. We had a blast and that was my priority. Exercise will be back this week.

How did your last weeks’ training go?
Did you take a little break over the 4th of July weekend?