June Goals

The last few weeks I was thinking about which half marathon I want to run this fall.

Initially, I wanted to run the Freedom Run early October in WV. But since my family from Germany is visiting us for 3 weeks in August/September, I don’t think a goal race early October is a smart idea. I probably won’t get much running during this time.

Also, I would like to run a speedy 5k before half marathon training starts and see where I am at fitness-wise. So I decided on the following:

  • 5k: Deuce Braswell 5km Run Against Teen Violence on Sep 20
  • half marathon: VA Runner Blue & Gray 1/2 Marathon on Dec 7

Both races are local and both races I have ran before. So it will be fun to see my progress (or not) and also this will be easy with breastfeeding and stuff.

My training for the 5k will start in July so June will be a “have fun with working out” month. In order to get ready for training though, I decided the following as my June goals:

  • running: at least 3x per week, easy runs any distance
  • strength and stretch: Classes at the gym
    • Monday: Muscle Pump 1 hr
    • Wednesday: Yoga 1 hr
    • Thursday: Core 30 min

Luckily my gym has a daycare, which Zoe loves, so I have more time to work out than I ever had while working. I want to take advantage of this and will start to incorporate strength and cross training to my schedule. Let’s see if this will help to improve my running as well.

Some days Zoe’s sleep or feeding schedule doesn’t workout with the start of a class, on those days I will do a at-home-video or something on YouTube – let’s do this!!




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11 thoughts on “June Goals

  1. I need to do some yoga too. My coaches and PT always told me that.

    I’m excited to see you rebound right back to where you were before, which I have no doubt you will. I will live vicariously through you for now. haha Good luck with your goals!

  2. I tell you, I swear by yoga! And weight training now too. Best wishes with your goals! You’re smart to test your 5k. That’s what I did. :-) I had a coach tell me that once. He said focus on 5k then 10k then half. THEN marathon lol. I’ve raced all distances so I’m trying to fine tune my BQ goals. I look forward to following your journey!!

  3. you’re lucky there is daycare at your gym, definitely will help ensure sticking to your plan! Cross training is a BIG part of how I was able to get faster without having to change up too much of my running routine!

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