A week ago I spontaneously decided to run a 5k today, my first race postpartum and I was excited and wanted to see where I am fitness-wise. Well, today’s race didn’t happen.

My little girl had her first cold and last Wednesday I caught it as well and man was I sick! Usually, I can get over a cold in a couple of days, so I was still hopeful I might be able to run today. Well yesterday I was still very sick (headaches, congestion and sore throat), that I decided not to race today.

It would have been fun to race again but it’s ok. I’m not super sad, I know I will run a race soon. Instead of racing I spend time with my favorite baby girl and husband. That’s fun, too!


Well, I guess I need to go online and check for local races now. Love doing that!

How was your Memorial Day Weekend?
It was a big race weekend. Did you race this weekend?


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6 thoughts on “DNS

  1. Sorry you didn’t get to race and under the weather. But that’ll happen with kiddos from time to time! Glad to see you’re being positive! Feeling good vibes your way!! I was fortunate enough to race this weekend. Figure I’d nab another 5k PR while I was at it. ;)

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