It’s Taper Week – Let’s talk Goals!

What you didn’t know I was planning on racing? Well, me either! I basically decided last Sunday that I will run a 5k on Memorial day…which is in ONE week!

The race starts at 7am and it sounds super early, but I think I can actually fit it in with breastfeeding. Usually the little one comes at 3/4am and then around 7am. I’m planning on pumping at 6am, leave for the race (my husband will feed her my pumped milk) and then before you know it, I will be back home.

I’m excited to run a race again and to see where I am at fitness-wise. I didn’t run through my pregnancy, first I was way too tired, then I was not allowed to run and once I was cleared I attempted a 2 mile run and actually a 5k race, but after that I realized my body does not like running. I was so sore and decided running is not going to happen during this pregnancy. It just didn’t feel right and I was ok with that.

FAC 2013

I’m very lucky that I had a very fast recovery and started walking 3 weeks postpartum and running at 6 weeks. I have been on several 3 miles runs (stroller and treadmill) and actually did a 6 mile stroller run last Saturday. I’m not the fastest, especially with the stroller, but I’m surprised how good I feel. I can’t wait to see how it feels to run outside by myself and see how fast I can go.

Actually yesterday I ran my fastest stroller mile to date – a 9:55 min/mile!


wpid-img_20140519_110131_855.jpgThe plan for this week is to run a few 3 milers, hopefully do some strength workouts and then rest Saturday and Sunday. Since I didn’t follow a training plan, there is not much tapering either. Goal is to have rested legs on Monday.

My current 5k PR is from 2012 and I ran it in 24:24 (7:51 pace). In 2013 I ran the 5k in 28:59, much slower than I used to run the 5k. That was basically due to the lack of running, I had zero motivation last year. Then I got pregnant and ran a 5k in 38:51.

My goal for this upcoming 5k:

A goal (aka freaking awesome):   sub 28:00, that would be a 9 min/mile pace

B goal (aka awesome ):                  beat my last year’s 5k time of 28:59

C goal (happy goal):                       run sub 30 min

Let’s do this!!

Are you planning on racing this weekend?



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8 thoughts on “It’s Taper Week – Let’s talk Goals!

  1. I cannot believe you ran a 9:55 with the stroller. That’s impressive.

    Good luck at your 5k!! Did you know our 5k PRs are only a few seconds apart? I didn’t know that (or I forgot :P ). Enjoy your first race back!!

  2. Hehe! Way to be spontaneous! Sounds good to me! I love that you have A B and C goals. I need to start doing that to stop obsessing over times to run. I will not be racing for a while unfortunately, I cannot find a good race in the next few weeks, and need to take my time off before I start training for Chicago!

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