My Goals for 2014

2013 was amazing and the best year in my life – no doubt (review HERE)!! With the expected arrival of our little girl in March 2014, I’m sure 2014 will be equally amazing and full of changes!

I like to start a new year with goals and I’m sure 2014 will be full of surprises and probably nothing as expected! So, my overall goal is: Take it one day at a time and ENJOY the moment! In addition to that, I have a few other goals set:

  • Running:
    • go on nice walks with my girl and start running when the doctor gives us the green light
    • get a gym membership with daycare
    • get into a running routine
    • run a few local races (5k, 10ks, …) and a fall half marathon

    March Goals

  • Family:
    • Baby Bucket List (things we should do before the baby is here)
      • quality time with my husband (at least 1 date night per month – movies, dinners,…)
      • meet up with friends for dinner
    • Breast feeding at least for the first 6 months
    • start baby swimming
    • find a mommy/play group
    • creating a budget and stay on it (we have to adjust from 2 incomes to one)
    • learn to cook

    pregnancy announcement w lucky

    What are your goals for 2014?

7 thoughts on “My Goals for 2014

  1. definitely learning to cook will play in nicely with your budget. I highly suggest looking into crock pock recipes… easy to do and great confidence builder as you’re learning the ropes

  2. Learning to cook is an excellent goal! Following recipes aren’t as hard as you think, and after a while, you will learn what measurements are really important and what can be guessed at. Slow cooker recipes and things like 5-ingredients-or-less dinners will be great starting points.

    Your 2014 is going to be amazing! :)

  3. Super great list!

    I second the slow cooker…budget friendly and super easy meals for when inevitably your life gets chaotic…I can’t imagine trying to cook with a baby in the house to tend to!

    Budgeting is a great tool and resource. If you have a smart phone, there are a ton of good apps out there where you can essentially keep track of your budget from your pocket.

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