2013 – What a Year!

I might be a little early, but the last few days I started to realize that 2013 is almost over and looking back, what a year it has been!!

After a rough 2012 I knew 2013 was the year of CHANGE and it started off on the right foot – as a newly engaged couple! My boyfriend proposed to me Christmas Eve 2012 while we were visiting my family in Germany (read more HERE).

wpid-best_christmas_gift.jpgJanuary was mostly spent trying to figure out where and when to get married. After 2 weeks I was so overwhelmed that we spontaneously decided on a wedding in Jamaica with our closest friends and family.

In March I moved into my fiance’s house and was surprised how well we got along living together. We kind of lived together before, he stayed at my place from Monday to Thursday and I stayed at his place from Thursday to Sunday. I was ready to settle down and to live in one place. I was getting tired of packing and unpacking. I have to say we actually got along better living in one place all the time. No frustration about forgetting things at the other place, plus we only had to clean one place and not two!

to here: new home

 new home

Our wedding was set for May 24. I wanted to enjoy wedding planning and don’t get stressed about the little things. And most of all, I wanted to  avoid any fights or arguments. I can honestly say, we managed to do all that! We planned our wedding and honeymoon at the Sandals in Jamaica and they did EVERYTHING for us, we had the time of our life!!

Our Wedding


992410268Besides personal change, I also changed my running goals for 2013. Instead of running a fall marathon, I decided to run 13 half marathons throughout the year! It was not about time this year, it was all about fun and enjoying running. I did pretty well and finished 8 halfs in 4.5 months.

  1. Jan 5: Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Virtual Half Marathon (2:13:24)
  2. Jan 19: Charleston SC Half Marathon (2:17:32)
  3. Feb 24: Dahlgren Trail Half Marathon – (2:18:54)

    @ finish

    @ finish

  4. Mar 17: Shamrock Half Marathon – (2:29:49)

    Done! :)

    Done! :)

  5. Mar 20-31: The Jelly Bean Virtual Half Marathon – (2:23:26)
    jelly bean half 1
  6. Apr 14: HIS Half Marathon (2:07:31)
  7. May 5: Flying Pig Half Marathon (2:20:22)
  8. May 19: Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon (2:21:22)

We came back from our honeymoon early June and work was just crazy for 2 months. There was not much running since I was pretty much at work 24/7. I successfully finished this big project end of July/early August and could feel the relief. I was ready to get back to a regular work-life balance and to run again.I still needed to finish 5 half marathons for my 13 in 2013 goal.

The weekends were spent with my husband and we just enjoyed summer. I noticed I got more and more tired and I thought it was due to the super crazy work schedule I had before and that my body finally started to relax. Well, the more I slept, the more tired I got. At some point I figured this is not just exhaustion and we found out the we are expecting a baby!  

pregnancy announcement w luckyWe were hoping to get pregnant but we never thought it would happen that quickly! Later on we found out the baby is a GIRL!

gender reveal_5Even before I knew I was pregnant running didn’t feel right and I pretty much stopped, it took a few weeks to figure out why it felt off :) Instead of running 5 fall half marathons, we are spending the weekend relaxing at home and enjoying husband and me time.

2013 was by far the best year of my life, so many positive life changing moments happened and sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe this is real and not a dream. I had big hopes for this year, but never ever would have imagined it would turn out that way. I am truly blessed and thankful and happy and sooo excited for 2014!!


How was your 2013? Any goals for 2014?





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7 thoughts on “2013 – What a Year!

    • If you do the Flying Pig, I recommend staying downtown. It’s soo convenient to walk to everything and they have shuttles to/from airport. Plus the traffic on race day is nasty. Have fun!

  1. What a year indeed! Congrats again on everything! I feel the same way about my year… just a ton of good things, yay! Here’s to hoping 2014 brings us both many more blessings!

    • Just like my 2012, I felt soo stuck. Then I heard this quote:”If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think” So my big mantra for 2013 was CHANGE. I wish you all the best for 2014!!

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