Fantastic Friday

It’s HOT outside and VA officially broke the all-time heat record for the month of June! They never measured a temperature of over 102F in VA in June – until today!  The official temperature at 3pm was 104F. Craziness!

But hey, it could be worse. So let’s focus on the fun things in life. Here are my fantastic five’s for today:

1. Weekend and Fireworks

It’s fridayyyyy!! And also next week Wednesday is off from work due to 4th of July. I love this holiday. Great food, friends and fireworks! I LOVE fireworks!! And can’t wait to watch them.

Cape Cod 2010

2. A/C

The guy who invented the AC is a genius and my hero for today. So thankful I work in an office with working A/C. I feel for everybody who works outside and hope you all made it safely.

3. New couch

This week I got my new couch and I love this couch. I have not seen it before and just ordered it and hoped I like it. And wow, it is even better than I had hoped for.

 4. Treadmill in a cool basement

Instead of running outside I run on the treadmill tonight and I’m thankful I can run in a cool basement.I would not know what to do otherwise.

5. Yoplait Greek Honey-Vanilla yogurt

This yogurt is healthy and yummy – fantastic snack at work!

mmmhhhhh :)

 So tell me, what makes today a fantastic day for you?

What are you thankful for?

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11 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday

  1. Today is fantastic because I walked 3 miles on my treadmill and I even threw in some dumb bells working on my biceps and triceps.

    Love your couch. I want a new “grown up” couch. We are still using the one from college. Sentimental reasons. We used to study on that couch all the time.

    It is hot. 108 over here in Arkansas and I thought I baked myself when I got into my vehicle at 3pm.

    Love the plain Greek yogurt with honey. I don’t really care of flavored yogurts anymore.

  2. wow, it’s been hot everywhere. i don’t like summer!!

    i can’t believe you bought a couch without knowing what it looked like. I think I shopped a solid month last time I bought a new couch. Although I’m fairly sure I over think things. ;-)

    • Well, I saw pictures of the couch :) I usually don’t do it either but I have really good experience with Costco and this couch was a great deal…again!

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