Run for Sherry and more

First of all, sorry about the duct tape. I forgot the pins and this was the only thing I was able to find. This morning we dedicated our group run to Sherry. If you haven’t heard about her tragic death, you can read more HERE. During the run I was thinking about Sherry and I so wish she would have had running buddies like I do. Running with other people makes the time go by fast and enjoyable, but most of all it makes me feel safe!

Words can not describe how sorry I am about what happen to Sherry and I wish there would be more I could do. My thoughts are with Sherry and her family. I’m sorry for your loss and may precious memories fill your heart and ease your pain.

Around mile 2 we saw this sign and followed it.

We found out there is a Chocolate Extravaganza from 11am-3pm and all proceeds go to the local SPCA. It’s perfect – chocolate and dogs! I couldn’t miss this! So we made plans to meet here later that day. But for now, we kept running.We finished an easy 5.5 mile run and felt good.

We didn’t push it today since we have a 4mile race tomorrow. So after today’s run we grabbed some coffee and then went to the local running store to pick up our bib. Since I was already there I decided to use my coupon I won at the local race series and bought a new pair of running shoes! Aren’t they pretty?

Saucony ProGrid Guide 5

I went home,showered and went back in town for some awesome Bavarian lunch with my BF. This made me feel like home! Soo yummy!!! And then afterwards even more awesomenss – chocolate! We met my running buddy and her husband and we had a great time at the chocolate extravaganza!

On our way back to the car we stopped at a used book store, it was soo comfy! There is something about book stores that makes me feel good.

Within 5minutes the weather changed to SNOW! We walked out the book store and all of a sudden we were in the middle of Winter Wonderland! So pretty :)

I love snow, it’s so peaceful! We made it home safely and now we are chilaxing :)
Did you participate in the Run for Sherry? Do you usually run alone or in a group?
What’s your favorite shoe?

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3 thoughts on “Run for Sherry and more

  1. Great run and good luck in the 4 mile race! I always run in a group on my long runs on Saturday – I just feel safer plus I carry my cell phone.

  2. What exactly goes on at a Chocolate Extravaganza?!? Sounds like something my town needs to do!!You are so lucky to have running partners. I live in a small town and can't find people to run with, so that's why I've run the busier streets.You look so cute in your hood in the snow. I live in AZ. Almost forgot it is still winter!

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