100x Challenge

One of my goals for 2012 was to incorporate more strength training into my training. Therefore I decided to start the 100x Challenge!

This challenge is very easy, every month we will have a different goal, such as a certain mileage or a certain strength exercise, for example:

January: 100km running

February: 100 push-ups per week

March: 100 min of planks

April: 100 crunches per week

May: 100 dips per week

June: 100 sit-ups per week

July – December: we will repeat the challenge from January – June. This way we can see our progress we made over the year!

And for a little motivation: Everyone who finishes the challenge will get an entry in a drawing for a random price!

Each month will be an independent challenge, so if one month you don’t feel like participating – no problem. Just stay tuned for the next month.

Sounds interesting? Want to join the challenge? Just leave a comment and I will forward you the link to the tracking sheet and you are good to go!

10 thoughts on “100x Challenge

  1. I’m not sure if my comment got eaten or not, but anyway, I like this new challenge. I’m in! Also, I’m loving the new blog design. It looks great :)

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    • Michael, since nobody really attends anymore I’m not sure if a price makes sense. I kept the spreadsheet for those people who would like to keep going. I’m sorry this ended earlier than planned.

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